The Inbestigators: Bring Critical Thinking and Creativity to your Classroom!

the inbestigators

Some eleven-year-olds wash dishes for pocket money, others solve crimes. 

od in VictoriaSurprise your students with an original take on the detective genre. With a film-noir twist, primary school students shine as they take on the role of detectives and solve the mysteries of their everyday lives. Youthfulness never gets in the way of problem-solving their way through complex investigations, as little detectives solve big crimes. 

 The Inbestigators:

  • Use observation and questioning techniques to gain a holistic understanding of a situation or dilemma 

  • Analyse and explain the reasoning behind their investigations and reasoning

  • Pose critical questions and engages the audience as they problem-solve their way through an investigation


• Critical thinking

• Investigation

• Collaboration

• Ethical Problem Solving 

• Creativity

The Inbestigators magnifying glass


Maudie Miller from The Inbestigators

Maudie Miller

Echoing the iconic words of iconic detective Mr Monk, ‘this is what happened.’ Maudie uses questioning and observation skills to unpack the discrepancies of every case, delegate tasks and bring her team together to ethically problem solve the many mysteries of the school ground. 

Ezra Banks

Inspired by the cleverness of Maudie, Ezra’s organisational and technological skills are brought to life in the investigations.

Ava Andrikides

A passionate leader, who cares about the wellbeing of her school. Ava is a strategic and critical thinker, always trying to raise money for her school by selling cupcakes, doughnuts, hot-dogs and other things. Ava gets to the heart of every case by asking the critical questions: What? How? When? Why?

Kyle Klimson

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Kyle brings humour to every investigation. Sometimes Kyle misses important clues and is at times quite forgetful and occasionally accuses people without having adequate evidence. 

Kyle from The Inbestigators

Episode Synopsis

The Case of the curious New Girl


 When Sophie’s online shopping parcels are delivered but never received she hires the Inbestigators to track them down.


Theme: Friendship

Ezra and Kyle are good friends even though they are interested in different things.

Lesson activities:

Work with a partner to draw a Venn diagram with your name in one circle and your partner’s name in the other circle. What do you and your partner have in common? How are you different from your partner? Share your Venn diagram with the class.

Extension Activity:

In a small group, prepare a role-play showing how to welcome a new student on his or her first day at your school.

Key Questions:

1) How can being friends with people with different interests and favourite things be a good thing? 

2) Why is it important to understand that people have different interests and beliefs? 

3) Think about you and your friends, how are you similar and different? What can you teach your friends?

4) What can you learn from your friends?.

The case of the disappearing deliveries


 When Sophie’s online shopping parcels are delivered but never received she hires the Inbestigators to track them down.


Theme: Honesty

Oliver stole his sister’s parcels in the hope that it would make her stay at home instead of going to work.

Lesson activities:


1. Turn and talk: in a group of two or three, discuss Oliver’s actions.

2. Write down three ways to let someone know you are not feeling comfortable about a situation.

Extension activity

Create an acrostic poem for the word HONESTY with a phrase or word for each letter about being honest.



Key Questions:

1) How could he have handled the situation differently?

2) Why do you think he didn’t want to tell his sister how he was feeling? 

3) Why didn’t he want to tell Joanna he didn’t like her singing? 

4) Have you ever lied to someone because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings?

The case of the pestering prank caller


 When a prank caller targets Ezra and his neighbours, Maudie believes the Inbestigators can track down who is making the mystery calls.


Theme: Buying and Selling

Tom’s son uses private information in the form of phone numbers to harass people over the phone in the hope that they will buy one of his dad’s security products.

Lesson activities:


The Inbestigators Design task: Design your own personal security product, it might be a type of camera, phone accessory or personal device – pretend there is no limit to the budget or technology.

Extension activity: Create a persuasive advertisement to go with your design



Key Questions:

1 ) Why did Tom’s son take such extreme action to sell his dad’s products? 

2) Have you ever received a phone call from someone trying to sell you something? What did you do? 

3) Have you ever accidentally clicked on a pop-up ad online? 

4) How can you spot advertisements on websites and search engines?

The Inbestigators lead the way with the 4’C’s: collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity

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