EnhanceTV: Teaching With Video series

teaching with video series

EnhanceTV’s Teaching With Video Series is here to help you set up teacher & student accounts and to show you how EnhanceTV can support you in the classroom. 

Navigate back to this page if you have a question about how to set up accounts, find video resources, or share quizzes or study guides with your students.

Setting up a School EnhanceTV Account

Set up teacher and student accounts and viewing parameters:

Ep.1: Quickly find and share videos

To effectively discover or search for a broadcast title you’re looking for, watch this short video:

Ep.2: Clipping tool

To find, create and share clips with colleagues or your students, watch this short video: 

Ep.3: Interactive Quizzes.      

Watch this short video, to learn how to access and create interactive quizzes:

Ep.4: Curated Collections 

Discover EnhanceTV’s Collections, curated by subject and KLA’s:

Ep.5: Video Study Guide

Synthesise and consolidate student knowledge with Enhance TV’s interactive video study guides:

Navigate to our Help Centre for more detailed information on how to set up accounts, enable single sign-on and how to use features. For any further support, simple reach out to us using the chat function on the bottom right of screen when you’re logged in, or email us on help@enhancetv.com.au.

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