Discover, Create, Share: integrate ICT and higher-order thinking

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EnhanceTV’s Discover, Create, Share pedagogy was created to support teachers using digital technologies to teach, assess and create compelling lessons with foundations in higher-order thinking.


Spark: Critical thinking

Watch | Read | Research 

The Discovery stage is where we build students foundational knowledge, activate prior-learning and start fitting the pieces of the conceptual puzzle together. We all know that there’s a world full of resources out there, the trouble is finding the supporting resources that capture student attention, provide quality information while aligning with your teaching goals. 

In the discovery phase, enhancing student comprehension of complex concepts and topics is where we begin. 

Whether its getting students to gather information and data via desktop research, watching educational videos, or reading the prescribed text. The discovery stage is all about exploring ideas and learning new concepts.

After the introduction to a topic, we often use a range of digital technologies as the stepping stones to building a better understanding of what we are trying to teach. From watching short clips to reading articles, there are many different resources used to build a greater understanding of a new topic or concept being studied in class. 


Create short, digestible microlessons with video clips and help students digest complex content. 

  • Microlessons make the most of the 4-8 minutes that we can give our undivided attention before needing a brain break
  • Recorded microlessons can be used as an assistive tool in mastery learning. Learners can revise and return to key concepts and materials as many times as is needed
  • Browse EnhanceTV’s range of video clips that you can easily integrate into your lessons as you guide students on their journey toward discovering new knowledge.

Read and Research

Use EnhanceTV’s supporting study guides to build knowledge and consolidate student understanding. We have a range of study guides to support all subjects:


Take a look at EnhanceTV’s Vitamin study guide and see vitamins from a range of different perspectives. Find out about the role vitamins play in a healthy diet and their chemical composition with this comprehensive study guide

Our quiz functionality allows you to add quizzes to video-clips to assess student engagement and comprehension.


Show students chemistry in action with our chemistry experiments designed for the primary classroom. From simulating a volcanic eruption at home to finding out what exactly makes some plants green. This study guide is about getting hands-on in the chemistry classroom.   

Health and PE:

Revise surf safety with your secondary students and learn 5 facts about Great White Sharks with this interactive study guide.


Spark: Creativity 

Activities: Blogging, Filming, Podcasting, Directing

Use EnhanceTV’s active viewing strategy framework to support you and your students critically engage with a range of diverse multimedia resources. 

Building on the discovery phase, it’s time to get students creating and transforming their knowledge into something of their own. 

Bring creativity into the classroom and integrate ICT into the learning and assessment process and get creative with any of the following activities: filming, blogging, podcasting, or directing. 


Blogging is a highly engaging medium of communication that you can bring into the classroom. Using a blog in the classroom provides us with the rare opportunity to make writing fun. Blogging also lets students explore their own unique writing style, while discovering topics they are uniquely passionate about. Blogging also sparks collaboration, as students engage with the ideas of other classmates, commenting, mindfully critiquing and debating their ideas with one another on the class blog platform. 

Furthermore, blogging also offers more reserved students the opportunity to share their unique ideas and perspectives. Read more about the benefits of classroom blogging in Edutopia’s post: Blogging in  21st Century Classroom.


Along the same lines as blogging, podcasting allows students to explore, develop and debate their ideas while developing student voice and choice.

Podcasting has many benefits in the classroom:

  • Enhanced student engagement. 
  • Develops student voice and choice. 
  • Fosters student independence
  • Activates creativity and critical thinking. 
  • Encourages reflection and the development of well-rounded ideas 
  • Develops student awareness of audience characteristics. 


Students can create their very own videos and learn the techniques of filming. 

When students engage with filmmaking they spark both creative and critical thinking as they learn the technicalities of filmmaking. As students utilize a range of video storytelling devices to create a captivating and compelling video-clips that links to a topic being studied in the classroom.

Creative Content Australia has a wide range of Useful Filmmaking Resources on how to make a movie to help your students learn the tricks of filmmaking. 

Get students creating with video: 


Spark Collaboration 

Activities: evaluating, validating, posting.

Students share their podcasts, films, and blog post based on the overarching unit of study. The collaboration phase allows students to give peer-feedback, and engage with the ideas and work of other students. Creative projects can be term long, as students develop the skills required to blog, film and podcast during the term, and by the end have a finished product that can be assessed by the teacher and that can be shared with students friends and family.  

Upload student-created videos and supporting resources to the EnhanceTV platform! 

With the EnhanceTV platform, you can upload resources, including student-created videos to the EnhanceTV platform and share with students and fellow teachers. Find out more in our detailed how-to guide here.

The 4C Think Tank

Activate the 4C’s with EnhanceTV’s Discover, Create, Share framework. 

As you move through the phases, each of the 4C’s will be activated and explored. Communication is the key to successfully implementing each phase, and as you progress from start to finish: critical thinking, creativity and collaboration will flow.  

Read more about the application of the 4C’s with video in the classroom in our active viewing strategies post. 

Enhance student learning experiences and meet curriculum outcomes with EnhanceTV’s integrated ICT and higher-order thinking taxonomy Discover, Create, Share.

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