EnhanceTV’s guide to assist you with the transition to distance learning

Students Undertaking Distance Learning

Helping teachers help parents and students smoothly transition to distance learning. 

With your EnhanceTV account, you can help student’s parents to continue smooth connectivity to enable your distance lessons.

In times of school shut-down, we know that teachers and parents are tasked to come up with new ways to ensure learning outcomes are achieved, and students stay up-to-date and engaged with class material.

With school closure; routines, lesson plans and prepared classroom resources are disrupted. As a teacher, you want to make sure your students continue to get the most out of the lessons and resources you have put months into planning and developing. 

Transitioning to online learning platforms is a big move, but it doesn’t have to compromise the effectiveness of your teaching or the quality of student learning.  

EnhanceTV wants to reduce the negative impact these challenging and disruptive times have on teaching and learning. 

The team at EnhanceTV are here to help you, help parents and students navigate the EnhanceTV platform during times of distance learning. At the end of the day, it is parents who are going to help students manage their learning time, access online resources and implement an effective studying routine.

EnhanceTV’s online learning resource centre not only helps teachers to make the most out of distance learning but parents as well. 

Our platform is built with students’ safety and security in mind. 

Subscribing schools can control how many students have accounts and also what videos those children can watch. Account administrators set the classification levels that children at each school year can play, or can restrict viewing to only those videos where a teacher has shared an encoded link with their students. 

Students are rarely provided with open access to EnhanceTV. 

Our learning advisors at EnhanceTV have created a guide that you can share with your student’s parents to help them navigate our online learning platform: 

If you would like your child to access EnhanceTV, we recommend you contact their school to find out if they have access to a student account. If the institution does not already have a subscription, we encourage them to sign up for a free school trial.

If your child is told to watch a video on EnhanceTV, they will need to log in with the authentication details they have been provided by email or via the school’s single sign-on provider. 

If your child has difficulty logging in, you may need to help them reset their password, which will send further instructions to their school email account. It may be necessary to check the child’s spam folder for that message. 

If your child continues to have difficulty logging in, we first recommend contacting their school to confirm an account has been created for them. If an account has been created using the email address the child is trying to log in with and is still having difficulty, please email us at help@enhancetv.com.au for further advice.

If your child sees an error message that says they are not permitted to watch a video, please ask your child if the teacher has provided a video link or if the student has discovered the video independently. Schools control what videos children can watch by setting classification levels or providing link-only access. 

The school may need to change the access settings for the child to watch the video if it’s appropriate to do so.

If your child sees any other error, please email us at help@enhancetv.com.au, and we’ll help diagnose and resolve the issue.

We know how important it is to have access to safe and secure digital platforms. 

Teachers have the option to limit students to link-only access provided by a teacher. Link-only access means that no other videos can be viewed on the platform, keeping students focussed and on task. 

A digital learning platform like EnhanceTV gives parents peace of mind, knowing that their children have access to classified, ad-free educational videos with supporting resources and educational material.

If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Sign-up today for an obligation-free account that lets you share curriculum-linked videos with your students.

Safe Streaming and distance learning,

The team at EnhanceTV

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