Civics and citizenship: Explore with your students what it means to be an Australian citizen

civics and citizenship

The study of Civics and Citizenship in the Australian curriculum deepens students understanding of Australia’s system of government and liberal democratic values, providing students with the knowledge and skills to become active and informed citizens who come to learn how to understand, contribute to and sustain Australia’s democratic society.

Students learn about the intricacies of politics and Australian institutions as well as the diverse and multicultural communities and social groups that create the rich and vibrant cultural makeup of Australia. From law and citizenship to identity, diversity and inclusion, Civics and Citizenship is a fundamental part of student’s education from foundation to Years 11 and 12.

Below are a diverse range of videos and teaching resources to support you and your students cover the general capability area: Civics and Citizenship.

Skills developed from engaging with the topics and concepts of Civics and Citizenship: 

  • An appreciation of diverse perspectives
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Negotiation
  • Self-awareness 
  • Intercultural understanding

These fundamental skills contribute to student’s development across all intellectual, personal and social realms. 

Collection: Diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion is a foundational component to the study of Civics and Citizenship. Students learn about the cultural, social, financial, economic and religious diversity that makes up a society from an inclusive and compassionate lens, enriching their understanding of what it means not only to be an Australian citizen but a global citizen.

Australia has one of the richest and most diverse social and cultural makeups. People from all around the world move to Australia to live, work and contribute to our society.


Seeking Refuge Series

A compelling and moving series of short animated documentaries portraying the real-life stories of young people who have sought asylum. These stories are told by the children themselves, give a unique insight into their life.


The multi-award-winning series Go Back To Where You Came From, will support your students to build greater intercultural awareness around the plight of refugees in Australia.  

Discover EnhanceTV’s Go Back to Where You Came From Study Guide. Put together by EnhanceTV’s Learning Advisors to support you in the classroom.

Australian Government and Democracy


Behind the News: Civics Series covers the key areas of Australia’s political system of government. From building students’ knowledge on The History of Voting, The Three Levels of Government, to the Constitution of an Electorate, BTN covers these key areas and more.


In this episode of Decedance, Pria asks whether we really do live in a democracy anymore, and what democracy in Australia is today. He speaks to Robert Manne about the erosion of democracy in this country and the stifling of information which results from the media duopoly.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awareness and understanding.


Spread The Word explores indigenous language in context with the Language Warriors. This program explores the indigenous language and its cultural significance.

Discover EnhanceTV’s Spread The Word Study Guide. Put together by EnhanceTV’s Learning Advisors to support you in the classroom.


Critically explore with your students ‘The Wik Decision.’ NITV’s Wik Vs. Queensland documentary explores the historic granting of native title to Australia’s indigenous peoples and their battle to establish their rights. 

Test student knowledge with EnhanceTV’s interactive Wik and Indigenous land rights quiz

Since 1949, Australia has welcomed over five million new citizens to its shores.

Australia has one of the richest and most diverse social and cultural makeups. Learn the stories of everyday Australian’s and explore the politics and socio-cultural make-up of Australia with your students today with EnhanceTV. 

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