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EnhanceTV :: Face Painting with Bill Leak: Tilly Devine - Ep 5 Of 6

Face Painting with Bill Leak: Tilly Devine - Ep 5 Of 6
Face Painting with Bill Leak: Tilly Devine - Ep 5 Of 6 
Face Painting with Bill Leak is a six-part series which is taking viewers on an amazing journey as renowned cartoonist and portrait painter Bill Leak paints six well-known Australians.

As with any portrait, the first thing an artist must do is find the soul of the subject. Face Painting is following Bill on this journey of discovery as he attempts to find the real person he's about to commit to canvas.

Over the past four weeks, we have watched Bill as he has gone through the process of building up personal pictures of Pro Hart, June Salter, Bon Scott and Dr Charles Perkins AO.

This week Bill is painting Sydney's notorious 'Queen of the night' - Tilly Devine. To find out more about his portrait subject Bill talks to Tilly's grand-niece Deirdre Devine and grandson Richard Twiss, who give an incredible insight into the colourful life of their 'infamous' grandmother and great aunt. Tilly's biographer Larry Writer gives Bill a tour of her old Sydney haunts and clears up some of the facts behind the myths and legends.

Also interviewed in this episode is artist Camilla Connolly, a former working girl who stayed at Tilly's safe-house on Scotland Island and has since painted a series of paintings inspired by Tilly's stories.

At the end of the show as Bill reveals to Richard and Deirdre his portrait of Tilly, Richard is reduced to tears. Will the TV audience like it or hate it?

Bill's final portrait of Tilly will also be revealed on http://abc.net.au/facepainting
on Tuesday, December 16.

Produced by Endemol Southern Star for ABC TV
ABC TV Head of Arts, Entertainment and Comedy: Amanda Duthie

Duration (mins) 30
Date of broadcast 19/12/2014
Time of Broadcast 04:20
Channel ABC
Rating G
Price: AUD9.75
including GST


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