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 Copying from TV 

Screenrights licence

Australia - Most schools, all universities and many TAFEs in Australia have a Screenrights licence allowing them to copy whatever they want from television and radio.

New Zealand - Screenrights agreements with New Zealand educational institutions give schools, universities and polytechnics, colleges and Wananga a comprehensive right to tape programmes from television and radio in exchange for the payment of an annual fee.

For more information about the licence please visit the Screenrights website or email licensing@screenrights.org

You can copy as much as you like

The Screenrights licence is versatile and flexible - you can...

  1. Copy any program anytime, anywhere
  2. Copy entire programs or excerpts
  3. Make copies of copies
  4. Show tapes in class or the library
  5. Keep copies as resources in your library
  6. Make up compilation tapes of material you have copied
  7. Copy in any format - VHS, DVD, PVR, HDD etc
  8. Copy anything on free-to-air TV, pay-TV, Radio
  9. Email copies to students or make them available online for students or staff
  10. Broadcast copies within your institution
  11. Use your video reticulation system (such as Clickview and DVC's Video Commander) to show copied programs
  12. Copy programs from home (applies to teachers and students) on behalf of your educational institution
  13. Make the copy available on your intranet (as long as it's secure so only your students and staff can view it).

The only requirements are that you have a Screenrights licence, that the copy is made for the educational purposes of the institution, and that it is labelled.

Making copies from EnhanceTV

As an educational institution holding a current Screenrights copying licence, you are permitted to make copies of the video download for the institution's educational purposes. All copies must be labelled. For more information, please visit Screenrights. You can utilise the copies purchased from EnhanceTV the same way you would if your educational institution copied it.

For answers to freqently asked questions, see the Help section.

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